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Dog collars are among the first things that you should think about buying for your dog. Selecting the right collar is an important issue that will show your responsibility as an owner of a dog. These collars are not only important for training and walking a dog but are also a necessity in case your dog is lost and you would need to re-claim it. These leashes are also considered to be quite stylish and fashionable if you invest in a personalized leather or a designer collar for your pet. Getting the right collar for your dog is an important thing since your dog would probably spend years with the same collar on. You would want to ensure that any fashionable dog collars that you invest in are comfortable for your dog. With the large range of personalized dog collars that you can find today in the market it would be easy for you to find something suitable and fashionable for your pet. In feite zou je zelfs een lagere dosis L-Glutamine per dag kunnen nemen dan je nodig hebt, omdat je al in een betere metabolische omgeving bent. Het is gewoon zo dat het nemen van een supplement met een bepaalde hoeveelheid L-Glutamine net iets beter apotheek online is dan het nemen van een supplement met een even grote hoeveelheid L-lysine. Dit betekent dat je bijvoorbeeld 2 weken lang een dagelijkse dosis van 100 mg L-glutamine zou kunnen nemen en dan zou kunnen overstappen op een dagelijkse dosis van 10 mg.

Why are dog collars leashes essential?

Dog collars leashes are important for one of the most obvious reasons- training and controlling your pet. When used with leashes, stylish dog collars can be a great way to provide you some degree of control so that you can prevent your pet from walking away or straying off to places that are unsafe for him. Dog collars training are also very important when you want to establish the identity of your dog and want to provide your contact information in case your dog is lost. There are several essential features that you must look for in dog collars training like the right size. Whether you select a personalized designer or a stylish leather collar, you will have to ensure that it is the right size if you want it to be comfortable for your dog. A tight collar can be harmful and even lethal for your dog while having a bigger collar will make it easy for your pet to slip away. The material and the width that you select should also be suitable for your puppy or your dog. A heavy leather collar would not be suitable for a dog like Chihuahua while a lightweight collar would not be suitable for a Rottweiler.

Selecting leather dog collars is not easy

selecting leather dog collarSelecting the right leather dog collars is not exactly easy for dogs. Since there are quite a lot of different types of fashionable dog collars and stylish dog collars that you can find in the market, you will have to ensure that it suits the needs and the requirements of your dog. All the fashionable dog collars that are available in the market serve different purposes and will be suitable for different dogs so you will have to make sure that it suits the needs and the breed of dog that you own.

For intelligent and independent dogs like Boxers you will need to have firm training and so the collar that you select must be suitable to his nature. You can even find shock dog collars that provide shock to the dog to prevent him from barking. The shock is mild and is not really harmful for dogs. If you want to make a style statement then you may even consider personalized dog collars or dog collars designer. The personalized dog collars will provide you the liberty to get a collar made as per your needs while dog collars designer tend to be highly stylish and trendy.

Types of dog collars and leashes available today

With the wide range of dog collars and leashes that you will find in today, it would be quite easy for you to select something that you like. Given below are a few basic types of collars available:

  • Buckle collars- The buckle collars are meant to be buckled in order to fasten them. These collars are mostly available as dog collars nylon or can be sometimes made with materials like leather or cotton. Dog collars nylon are easy to adjust because of the properties of nylon. Nylon is easily adjustable and they would not strangle dogs. Nylon is perfect for puppies while leather rolled collars would be better than the flat collars since they avoid hair breakage and chafing.
  • Quick release collars- The quick release collars are perfect small dog collars since they are easy to release quick. These small dog collars have flat small nylon buckles that make it easier to fasten them and take them off quickly. These small buckles are easy to adjust and do not tighten too much around the neck of the dog which makes them suitable for small dogs and puppies.
  • Break-away collars- these collars are quick-release collars which means that your dog would be able to pull itself free easily if there is any need. In case the collar gets caught on to something your dog would be able to easily free itself and be safe. These collars are easier for the owners to control.
  • Slip collars- also known as chokers or choke chains, the collars are usually made from braided metal, leather, cotton or nylon. The collar can be easily loosened or tightened with the pressure from lead. The collar would not tighten when you attach the lead to the dead ring or the floating ring.
  • Choke chains- these training collars are used as a primary tool for training dogs. These chains are mainly used to give the dog a jerk when they do not obey a command. However, these chains are not normally recommended since they may cause injuries to the dog. These chains must only be used by experienced and qualified instructors. These collars are also not suitable for puppies.
  • Pinch collars- these are training collars that are suitable and safer for training dogs in comparison to the chokers. However, this particular is not to be used for puppies and must be carefully used with all other types of dogs.
  • Martingale dog collars- Martingale dog collars offer a lot of control to dog owners. These martingale collars are much like the martingale used for horses. One of the best things about the martingale collars is that it offers the right balance between safety and control for dog owners.
  • Remote dog collars- the remote dog collars are operated through a remote control. Also known as dog collars electric, these electric operated remote collars will deliver an electric shock and is used as a training and correction method for dogs. The dog collars electric offer various intensity levels so that you can adjust the stimulus according to the disobedience level of the dog. These are training collars that run on an electric current and must only be used by trained professionals.

How to select the right sized collar for your dog?

right sized dog collarsWhen you are selecting a dog collar for your dog, there will be several sizes available in collars that you will have to select from. Depending on the nature and the size of your dog you will have to make your choice. Some of the most popular materials in collars that you will find are leather, canvas and nylon and all of them are popular for fashion and functional reasons. Leather is suitable for bigger dogs since they are stronger. For tiny dogs, the tiny dog collars are mostly made from light weight material like nylon. Tiny dog collars will normally be easily adjustable, durable and more comfortable since tiny dogs require less strength to be restrained. Try the sport dog collars if you want something that would be suitable for sport dogs. Sport dogs normally enjoy the water. For sport dogs your sport dog collars must be made with material like woven fabric or canvas that is durable and fast drying.

Another important consideration while selecting the collar for your dog is the size. The normal rule to follow is that the collar must be loose enough for you to slip two fingers easily between the neck of your dog and its collar. However, it should not be so loose that your dog would be able to escape from the collar. Some of the sizes that you will find in collars are:

  • Small - 7 to 11 inches
  • Medium - 11 to 15 inches
  • Large - 15 to 22 inches
  • Extra large - 19 to 29 inches.

The best thing to do would be to measure your dog. Wrap the tape smugly against the neck of your dog and then slip two fingers under the measuring tape. This would provide you the accurate measurement so that you can buy a collar that will fit comfortably on your dog.

Various styles available in collars

styles of dog collarsOne of the major factors that you will have to consider while investing in a collar for your dog is style. A collar will not just be used as a means of training and for its functionality but it will also be an important style statement for you and your dog. Several places today offer customized dog collars for those who do not find any of the available collars fit for their dogs. These customized collars are great if you want to create a unique look for your dog. Customized dog collars may be a little expensive but they provide a unique and an eye catching look.

If you are thinking about getting your collar customized there are several online sources and stores where you may get it done for a cost effective solution. You can also add a bling factor to the collars of your dog by investing in jeweled dog collars. These collars will be jeweled and may be adorned with precious stones and metals. Jeweled collars are definitely a lot more expensive than most other types of collars but are also one of a kind and luxurious. Jeweled dog collars will provide you a luxurious, opulent look. Ensure that the jeweled collars that you invest in are worth the money that you spend by checking the quality.

For a tougher look for larger dogs try the spiked collars. The spiked dog collars are normally made from leather and are spiked with metal of your choice. The spiked collars are usually chosen for dogs like Rottweiler or Boxers that are bulky and heavy. You can even go for pink if your dog is smaller. Dog collars pink are great for smaller breeds like Chihuahua. Dog collars pink are the latest trend in the market currently since smaller dogs and breeds are chosen by a large number of people. Pink is a color that will normally only suit smaller dogs.

Collars are more than just an accessory

A collar is more than just a normal accessory for a dog. Leash and collars are very important for training your dog. The leash will allow you to take your dog out for a walk so that it will be easier for you to control him if there is need. Quite a lot of training professionals believe that using harnesses will only encourage pulling and therefore they prefer using a collar and a leash. Quite a lot of people today use choke collars for training dogs. However, the choke collar is unsafe for use, especially on puppies. Barking dog collars are much more safer to use when compared to the chokers since they operate on remote control. Normally the barking dog collars are used for training dogs that bark excessively. These barking collars deliver an electric stimulus to help discipline the dog.

Collar and leash training

Once you invest in a collar and a leash for your dog, you will also have to learn how to use it for training your puppy or your dog. Different force degrees can be used for training which can range from slight prompts to harsh corrections. The correction and the force degree that you must use should be in accordance to the situation. Using too little or too much correction would be ineffective. Any dog training program where leash and the collar is used will involve teaching the dog a particular action or a behavior using the leash. Once the dog demonstrates the ability to understand that command the leash would be used for correction. The leash is mainly used for communicating with your dog and for controlling it.

For collar and leash training, your dog will have to be trained to trust the trainer. The dog will have to be taught how to accept the commands and the directions without any questions. The trainer will have to demonstrate to place your dog into position or posture that he/she does not want. Using force is not always necessary but effective training will require physical manipulation up to some degree. The manipulation can be safely and easily done using the leash.

Dog collars are important for several different reasons including for training, communication, style and for re-claiming lost dogs.